Village Farming

I’ve been reading Gene Logsdon’s blog for some time. I like his intelligent, down-to-earth attitude to growing food, which generally allies with experience and against accepted dogma.

“…… I like to think that the village represents the apex of human civilization. Village life is more secure and comfortable than the lonely ramparts of the outer countryside or the crowded nonentity of the big city. The world is littered with the ruins of great cities. The way to keep a nation vital and human is to keep it as a collection of villages spread out over the landscape. This new age of local garden farming is a way to do this. It is causing the return of the village as the center of human endeavor.”

I hope a return to village farming will be the norm in a post-crash world.

2 Responses to “Village Farming”

  1. narf77 Says:

    A most thought provoking post Bev. I remember living in a small rural town that was quite a lot like this and everyone knew everyone else and looked out for each other. We had a small butcher a couple of bakers and most people met in the local small general store to chat and we all knew the owners as if they were family. Supermarkets have changed the playing field and have generated a degree of “want” that far outstrips need but at the end of the day we tend to get what we ask for and we apparently asked for a huge range of imported stuff on tap. We got it, but at what price and how soon did it take the middle men to start tweaking it all in their favour. Small villages are the only hope for the future.


  2. Chris Says:

    I like the thought of a village approach for growing food, but having grown up in a few small towns, I have to say the gossiping is the worst part about villages. If you ever fall out with those at the top of the pecking order, it becomes an entirely different realtity.

    I’m somewhat torn about the prospect. 😉


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