Australian oil reserves substandard

So somebody’s woken up at last.

The report prompted former Air Vice Marshall John Blackburn to warn of catastrophic consequences of an interrupted oil supply.

“You’d start to see society collapse,” he told the ABC in November.

You know, a collapse is just what we need to wake people up. No fuel at the pump, no food in the shops; that’d do it.

I’ve been trying to tell people about energy issues for the last 10 years, in particular, the peaking of global oil production. I’ve been largely ignored, with the exception of a stupid clod of a neighbour who wrote me a nasty vicious email on the subject. If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger. Is it any wonder I get angry and actually hope for a collapse?

Whether it happens overnight, as a result of a terrorist attack, or whether it happens slowly as a result of the natural decline in oil supplies, is immaterial. This way of life will come to an end and those who haven’t prepared for it will be up the proverbial creek.

Oh, but I’ve been told so many times, “they will think of something”.

Yeah, right. Don’t hold your breath. Get to and start building resilience and self-sufficiency into your lives.



5 Responses to “Australian oil reserves substandard”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    There is nothing so certain as death, taxes, and societal collapses. It is just a question of different cycle times …and our latest, modern, industrial society is fast approaching its use by date. Nice post.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Ha! Just won a bet with myself. Bet Bernie will be the first (and probably only one) to comment. Great minds…. 😉


  2. narf77 Says:

    It’s amazing how easy it is for mainstream society to walk around with their hands over their eyes and ears whenever it comes to climate change and oil decline. “Everything is fine, nothing to see here, just buy another car and everything will be wonderful”. I had a hissy fit spit yesterday when I heard that our dear (BASTARD!) Prime minister has decided to ignore renewable energy (again) and pump for pushing on with fossil fuels. Can anyone else spell n.e.p.o.t.i.s.m? I also had a hissy fit about how a certain major supermarket that starts with a “W” got a stack of free publicity under the guise that it was “lowering prices to compete” which actually means “we are promoting our own brand products as “cheap” so that we can shuffle branded products off the shelves and make ALL of the profit ourselves. Put the price of bread down to 80c but what is that bread going to do to you if you actually eat it?! I noticed that the price of tea went up 30% yesterday. I didn’t see a news report about THAT :(. Anyone know where I can get a few camellia sinensis?


  3. pruefreefood Says:

    yep inevitable n I don’t think you can only want this diseased system to collapse becoz you angry a, I want it to collapse becoz it NEEDS to happen for tha sake ov tha planet n for tha sake ov humanity itself, we (majority ov western society, n it is spreading like a disease to the rest ov tha world) have lost tha most precious thing ov all our humanity, collapse will be a cleansing, tha new can only come through tha death ov tha old, it will b a renewal n as painful as it will be if ya see tha bigger picture outside ov your selfish life it will b a good thing for ALL living beings.

    N for me anyway in relation to being prepared for it I don’t think you can it will be absolute chaos, destruction, despair n suffering at first n MANY will die, it wont discriminate it will b like fire.
    I believe knowing this n living being tha BEST human being you can be NOW until it happens is tha most important thing n only thing worth doing coz if it throws you into delusional white privilege (now not only white) self preservation n you become even more selfish we have learned nothing n WILL die selfish, lonely, empty, hollow being, never really having touch or been touched by the joy ov living for others WAY less fortunate than yourself, I for one don’t think there is a choice wen I really see wot is coming n if there was actually a choice I choose that joy n connection ova self preservation.
    Ya don’t have to leave tha dieing/collapse until it is to late n physical death occurs, kill your white privilege n therefor your emotional n psychological participation in dis diseased system NOW inside, really question n challenge it in yourself until you see it is a delusion dat is stopping you from being really free n connected to everything, be reborn NOW we aren’t gonna get anotha chance dis is it, throw those shackles off NOW.

    Sorry for tha sumwot hehe religious, end ov days, full on soundin rant………… just sayin how I feel n sharing tha effect tha reality of tha inevitable has had on me/my spirit, true sayin, tha truth will set you free 🙂 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Oh, don’t apologise for the rant…’s exactly how I feel. Yes, the Earth needs us to go and as quickly as possible, before we destroy any more of it and make its recovery take even longer. For I do believe it will recover, given time. We will not destroy everything and evolution will get to work and produce new species.

      We have lost the plot and I believe agriculture is to blame. That’s when we lost our connection to the real world and we not only lost it but in today’s world we actively drive it away from us. They call it Nature Deficit Disorder. There aren’t many in civilisation who don’t suffer from it, without even knowing why.

      Our intelligence is to blame also. The Earth can’t tolerate too much intelligence in any species, especially not a species able to walk on 2 legs and with 2 hands able to manipulate objects. Any such species will (owing to its own greed for resources) outcompete and destroy everything else, before eventually destroying the ecosystems on which its life depends.

      Humans are a sorry lot, but we only have ourselves to blame!

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