Memory plant

This is Bacopa monnieri, otherwise known as Brahmi or Water Hyssop :

It’s a creeping perennial with small oblong leaves and purple flowers, found in warm wetlands, and native to Australia and India. The entire plant is used medicinally especially in India and it’s supposed to enhance memory, specifically the  ability to retain new information. Here’s a link to a study that was done.

My plant is in a 15 cm pot and I keep it on one of my rainwater collecting bins (a 60 litre rubbish bin, with the lid turned upside down and a hole drilled in the centre). Because we’ve had good rain, the bin is full and the level of the water has filled the lid, so the pot is sitting in water :


The growth tends to cascade over the side and has entered the water where it’s put down roots :


I can cut off the rooted pieces and pot them up to make new plants. Wish all plants were as easy to propagate!

I harvest Brahmi by snipping off the growth ends with scissors, chopping finely and adding to omelets or scrambled eggs, but it can be added to anything you like. I don’t know if the memory improvement bit is working or not, but it’s something else I can grow that I can eat.


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  1. narf77 Says:

    Very interesting Bev! I learn so much from you :). I can’t post comments on Bek’s blog. I have been avidly following her posts about water wicked beds and can’t say anything in reply. STUPID WordPress/Blogger conflictions :(. It’s even worse than the Sydney Melbourne footy wars or Tassies North and South division. This might be perfect for that corner triangular water garden we have been planning?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I can reply to most Blogger sites including Bek’s, but some are a problem, I agree. I’ve lost so many long and erudite comments (ho ho) with Blogger, that I copy them before I post now, just in case. And you can’t reblog Blogger posts either!

      Anyway one comment I would make about Bek’s wicking beds is that it seemed like a lot of hard work, when just buying a few plastic crates (I know, I know, plastic!!!!), would have been much easier. And I would always worry about plastic liner (still plastic!!!) getting perforated and then leaking….so much harder to fix. Individual crates/boxes are ideal for single crops where you might want to adjust conditions slightly, eg pH, for the particular crop and you can bung them in odd corners like up on a deck or a sunny porch. I’ve got 4 on my deck now….makes it easy to just pop out and pick parsley or whatever, (you’ve got a deck haven’t you?).

      Anyway I might do a post about the relative merits of both.

      And yes, Brahmi would work well in the water garden.

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      • narf77 Says:

        I am going to go with a mix of boxes and beds BUT the beds are going to be recycled things, not raised beds. I thought about how much it would cost to buy all of the bedding ingredients (and that dreaded pond liner) and decided that $20 a bathtub is a better option at the tip shop so I am going to butter up the tip shop lady with a cake and my phone number and a promise of more cake to come if she gives me a little heads up whenever a bathtub comes in. I am also going to get creative with fridges (sans doors) as my mint fridge is working a treat and it isn’t even wicked. I also have one side of it for a small water garden and the ledge bit (half of the freezer portion) is where I can put pots in need of water care. Learning HEAPS in this process. I still have white fly even though the temperatures are dropping rapidly. They breed tough here in Northern Tassie. I have the winter to work out how I am going to deal with the little buggers. I will see if I can find some Brahmi to use in that triangular water garden (or in my mint fridge). I would like to see a comparison to be honest. The price of the wicked beds was quite a lot for each bed but the copper tape etc. would factor into that expense and would be optional. Can’t wait to see your post :). I (foolishly) once had a blogger blog and now every time I try to comment on blogger, I have to first sign out of the blogger account but for some reason blogger seizes up every time. Unless there is an independent comment form (pop up box) I can no longer comment on blogger blogs which is giving me a decent case of the Joe Britts to be honest!


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