Hunter-gatherer, me

Well…gatherer, anyway.



A perfect specimen of Agaricus augustus.

I’ve been piling small sticks and prunings under the fruit trees in the food forest (called ‘chop & drop’ in permaculture) and they’ve rotted down to produce a rich black soil, which is where this was growing. There are others just appearing. I’ll let them develop fully before I pick them. Because they’re appearing intermittently, I’m choosing to dry them and store them for later use. There have been more appearing this year than any other. That’s a good omen. I must be doing something right.

But oh, how I wish I could find them like this. What a meal they would make! :


(image from

6 Responses to “Hunter-gatherer, me”

  1. narf77 Says:

    Looks like I just found what to do with all of that debris that we are just about to generate in the garden below the house. Cheers Bev and congratulations on the mushies 🙂


  2. kayepea Says:

    Nice find on the mushies Bev – may you fiind many more!


  3. fergie51 Says:

    Yum yum, piggies bottom! Oh how I love mushrooms, even better ones you’ve invited to share your space with. Good work!


  4. Chris Says:

    I love it when you do something positive for the environment, like returning organic matter to the soil, and it leaves a reward for the effort. I don’t trust my abilities to select the right mushrooms for eating, so I steer clear instead of risking a bellyache.

    Are you using reference material for selecting your mushrooms, like a book? I think I recall you mentioning you had one.


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