I finally harvested my Wombok chinese cabbage. It looked like this a couple of months ago in a wicking box :


The plants were starting to push up flower stalks from the centre of the clumps, so there wasn’t much use leaving it any longer. The chooks got the outside leaves :


and I got a couple of stir fries :



and probably will do a small batch of kimchi.

I’m sure this isn’t the same variety that is sold in greengrocers. The leaves don’t seem as crinkly to me; just elongated stalks with leafy bits at the side. There’s another similar variety called Michihili; I don’t know which is which. My seeds came from DT Brown and were labelled Wombok. It took 5 months from woe to go (seed sowing to harvest), so I don’t know if I’d bother to grow it again. OK if you have plenty of space and time to wait. One reference said the outer leaves should be gathered together and tied around the centre. Maybe this would develop bigger heads. Has anyone grown it? How did it go?


5 Responses to “Wombok”

  1. kmfinigan Says:

    Hmmm yes this doesnt look like any kind of wombok that I am familiar with! Could be a variety issue, could also possibly be that they are being grown in a small space? Could be the climate? It still looks delicious though, and thats the point right?!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      The stir fry was delicious and the Girls liked the leaves too! Space? There were 4 in a 60 x 40 cm wicking box, with plenty of water and food and on a sunny deck. I think the seed should have been sown much earlier and they would have got bigger before wanting to flower. But not bad for my first attempt at it.


  2. Chris Says:

    I notice Greenharvest is selling a hybrid variety at the moment (under Chinese cabbage) which looks like the regular store bought ones. I have no experience growing these, but hope it still tastes great in kimchi.

    I’ve got some Daikon Radishes on the go, which I can’t wait to ferment when they’re ready. 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Yes, I saw that. A hybrid, they said. I think my problem (with all brassicas) is that I sow the seed too late and the plants want to go to seed before they’ve fully grown. I had no success with daikon either. Hope yours is better. It’s all about timing. So much to learn!


  3. narf77 Says:

    No idea about Chinese leaves. They look like cos lettuce to look at. Wonder why they take so long to grow?


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