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There’s such an incredible amount of information on the Net. I read a lot of blogs….each one has some useful snippet of information that I would like to share. I can only write so many blog posts about what I’m doing in the garden (out there most days) or the kitchen (not in there a lot), so I thought I’d try a regular post about some of the stuff from other blogs that interests me. Much of it will be food-related…..growing, preserving, cooking…..some will be peak oil and energy decline related and some will be just ‘miscellaneous’. I’ll provide a brief note of why I think the site is worth sharing and links to the particular posts. Sort of a shorthand way of reblogging other people’s posts, particularly since some sites don’t facilitate reblogging.

So here we go.


Being tickled by soy sauce :

Do you smother everything in soy sauce? There’s a reason. Here’s an interesting post from Stephan Guyenet of Whole Health Source about how soy sauce ‘tickles’ the reward-sensitive centres of our brains.


Ginger-turmeric-honey bomb :

Although I’m partial to a nice cup of coffee, I can’t stand the thought of it for breakfast. I drink herbal tea, usually with something I’ve collected from the garden, like lemon verbena. My all-time favourite is a few slices of fresh ginger with a teaspoon of honey, in hot water. So I was interested when a friend sent a link to a recipe for a honey/turmeric mix that promised to be super-healthy. I Googled and found a better one here. Go take a look. The site is worth it for the gorgeous photos alone.

I made it up and tried it and I’m sold. It will be my breakfast drink from now on. I get the ginger and the honey as before, but now I get healthy, inflammation-reducing turmeric and a burst of lemon zest. But be advised: don’t use your best white china cup. Turmeric is all-pervasive.


Plastic is rubbish :

I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of plastic I buy. It’s not easy.  I found this site with everything you’d ever want to know about plastic, how it’s made, all the different types, and the shocking reality of where it ends up. There’s a lot to read. When I’ve taken it all in, I think I’m going to try and go a week without buying any plastic; then two weeks; then….. Well, anyway, take a look. This is one of the most comprehensive sites on any topic I’ve seen.


A Dying Hen :

A lovely post from Terry Golson at Hencam. I’ve experienced the pain of losing two hens now, so for me this is just a beautiful piece of writing :

This is the reality of backyard chicken keeping. Animals under your care will die. Chickens have short lives. They’ll die sooner than you think. For those of you with only three or four hens, this can feel devastating. Even for someone like me who has a dozen hens and has kept a flock for twenty years, the loss of a bird is difficult. But, it helps to accept your limits as a caregiver. It helps to recognize that within the world of backyard hens, that this is normal. It helps that I know that I have given my animals the best care possible, so that while they’re here, they have a good life. And then it helps to let go and move on.

Terry’s blog is full of useful information for the chicken-keeper. There’s now a remote camera in each of the outside runs, so it’s possible to watch both of her flocks at their daytime activities. I still can’t get over how I can sit up in bed at night and watch a flock of hens cavorting around on the other side of the planet. Technology!!


7 Responses to “Around the blogs”

  1. narf77 Says:

    What an interesting post Bev. Cheers for sharing these links. I have a lot of blogs (201) in my RSS Feed Reader and most mornings I get up at 3am and have two and a half hours to read all of the recent posts. I come out of my morning readings with SO much potential. I feel invigorated and enlivened and brimming with ideas. I think that is the secret to the real value of the internet, what you can find out there that broadens your horizons and increases your knowledge base. While it is still free, I am onto it! 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Oh help!! 201!! I have 50 and think that’s a lot. But I have hundreds of others bookmarked which I try to read occasionally (not being fond of getting up at 3am 😉 ). Are you still using Feed Demon as your RSS feed or have you found a better one? I can’t find a decent feed app for the iPad (which is what I would have beside me if I did wake at 3 am), so I’m stuck with FD on the laptop.


      • narf77 Says:

        You can’t get Feed Demon on the iPad? How about this one?

        I tend to be finished reading my blogs (aside from Saturday morning as most food bloggers post on a Friday night/(their Friday in the U.S.) at about 4.30 which gives me time to head off to Pinterest if I am in the mood or read or crochet or do something else till 5.30 and it’s time to head out the door and walk the dogs. Hope that reader is good. Let me know 🙂


        • foodnstuff Says:

          You can’t download programs on an iPad, only use apps specially written for it. Thanks for the link, I’ll try it out. I’ve tried most of them and didn’t like them, but don’t remember that one.

          Regarding Pinterest….can I just join to look at other people’s sites without having one of my own?

          Liked by 1 person

          • narf77 Says:

            Course you can just join to do that. You are able to have “Secret” boards and pin to them and no-one except you (and anyone else you choose) can see them so you can pin to your own board without the hassles of anyone else seeing. I find SO much there because it is a visual medium and I can flick over all of the (CRAP!) content that I am not interested in and hone in on the good stuff. I have found so many free patterns for my crochet, recipes, permaculture info and fermentation stuff that it has made it completely worthwhile joining. That program was an app wasn’t it? Apparently, it is the most popular app for reading RSS Feeds on IPads. Hope it helps :). Yeah, I know you can’t download programs on an iPad, we have a tablet (had to buy it for testing our apps that we create this year) and we just use the Google Play store. I am currently developing an app about appreciating and using weeds and am using the book you sent me as part of my research material :). It will contain a list of what you can and can’t eat/use and how you can use it as well as recipes etc. and is going to be a free app. I am enjoying the process of working out what people will actually want. I am going to make it for Tassie only at the moment but with the premise that it could be produced Australia wide.


  2. fergie51 Says:

    Golly, I’d go nuts trying to read that many posts! That tea sounds good, might give that a go for something different. I try and follow the ‘no single use plastic’ ideal as much as possible but its so hard. Love sites like ‘Plastic Free July’ for inspiration and ideas. Beautiful chooken words, might keep that somewhere 🙂


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