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Cherry Plum

September 7, 2015

Last December I wrote this post about a plant that had self-seeded in the garden and which I couldn’t identify. Much detective work plus lots of helpful comments from readers and it turned out to be a cherry plum. It had flowered for the first time last year and set a few fruits :


The birds weren’t interested in them and I picked and ate them all. They were so delicious that I saved the seeds to plant. I put them in the fridge for a couple of months to give them some (pretend) winter chill, as recommended by a few web sites, and then sowed them and left the pot in the polyhouse where it was watered occasionally.

They’ve just germinated. I was rapt because I’ve never managed to germinate ordinary plum seeds :


Three seedlings had appeared, but when I tipped out the pot I found three more just starting to germinate. I potted up 6 seedlings….100% germination :



When they’ve grown, I’m going to plant them in the food forest. I love getting more fruit trees without having to spend any money!

The original plant has produced a huge number of flowers this year. I’m hoping for a bumper crop :