Spring at last!

Well…the mornings are still colder than I’d like, but there have been some warm days and all the fruit trees and wattles are flowering and we have passed the equinox.

So what’s happening at the foodnstuff residence?

Asparagus. I’m eating about 3 meals a week. When there’s not enough for a meal on any particular day, I just stand whatever I’ve picked in a cup of water until there are enough. They will continue to grow (elongate) in the water but don’t seem to get any more woody at the bottom :



Raspberries. The raspberry bed is in its second year now. The original five plants have morphed into a random cluster of suckers, which, I’m hoping, will all flower and produce much more than the couple of cups I picked last year. The whole bed is permanently under a net now, because the rabbits love raspberry leaves (and of course the birds will love the berries) :


I’ve had to put a net over the rhubarb. The rabbits were eating all the leaves. I know I only eat the stalks, but no leaves…no photosynthesis…no stalks :


The lettuces in the milk bottle planters are thriving. I’m going to put up three more with alpine strawberries in them :


I love the lacy look of this purple mizuna. It’s in a wicking box with purple bok choy :


With all these fancy hybrids around now, veggie gardens are looking so attractive it’s a shame to have to pick the plants and eat them.

Here’s ordinary old green mizuna, direct-seeded into a wicking box. Too late in the year for it really…..it will flower before I get much from it, but the Girls will enjoy it :


Direct-seeded calendula. I’ll really have to make that calendula flower ointment this year :


Red-veined sorrel. It was looking rather tired. Amazing what a dollop of chook poo will do :


I’m trying carrots in a wicking box this year (there’s a self-sown lettuce trying to muscle its way in) :


Brillant red flowers on pineapple sage. I must plant more of this :


Tomato seedlings waiting for the real warm weather :


This is my new friend :


A King Parrot. He’s been coming nearly every day recently, sometimes with his lady friend. He’s very tame….she’s a bit more reticent. When he can’t see me outside, he props on the laundry window ledge and whistles. When I come into the laundry and he sees me, he gives what I can only describe as a joyous shout. I go out and spread a handful of sunflower seeds on the deck railing. He’s no more than a foot away from me. So beautiful!

This quince tree (grown from seed) has become such an attractive specimen that I wouldn’t care if it didn’t produce any fruit. It did produce last year but something ate all but the few I managed to rescue. I hadn’t bothered about bagging the fruit because….well, who would eat a raw, unripe quince? Something was either very hungry or has no taste buds to speak of :


My little cherry is out in flower. Support for a net is already in place as soon as fruits start forming :


Pear blossom is beautiful :


But apple blossom wins the prize every time :


Last but not least, the Girls are still producing 8 or 9 eggs a week; even 4-year-old Molly is still doing her bit occasionally. Grated carrot and yoghurt goes down a treat :


4 Responses to “Spring at last!”

  1. fergie51 Says:

    I always enjoy seeing how you deal with ‘issue’ in the garden. All the blooms are so pretty, I love both the apple and quince. Proving to be a great season for asparagus I think. We too are enjoying some good picks, the stems in a glass/jar of water is a great tip. How beautiful the king parrots are and such a lovely call. Lucky you! 🙂


  2. narf77 Says:

    I love those vertical planters. I am in the process of hoarding plastic milk jugs and bigger containers to make makeshift ola’s in the garden. It is much drier than usual here and has started heating up. It’s 24C here today. Most probably most of Tasmania will have their air conditioners on and only last night we had brown outs thanks to them whacking on their heat pumps (sigh). LOVE the veggies and how healthy and green everything looks. That parrot is really beautiful. We have lots of birds that come to our bird baths but none as pretty as that. Hopefully it doesn’t get stinking hot (like they are forecasting) this year but even if it does, at least it should be a good year for the tomatoes, capsicums, chillis and eggplants. Got to look on the bright side 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I hoping for a coolish summer, but forelornly. I’m trying eggplant for the first time this year so at least that might be a success if it’s hot.

      Liked by 1 person

      • narf77 Says:

        That’s what I thought. “Oh well, at least the tomatoes should ripen this year” 😉 Got to look on the bright side or we gardeners would spend our life sobbing! 😉


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