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The Future of Suburban Food Bowls

A good post here from Green Gavin (if you don’t know him yet, you’re not paying attention), on the future of suburban food bowls. I’m linking to it here, because he mentions peak oil and I bet there are hundreds (no, thousands) of people who have never heard of it or given any thought to the consequences. And since Gavin gets many more readers than I do, I’m hoping a few more readers will be peak oil aware after reading his post.

How Unsustainable is Solar Power

Another excellent post from my good friend Mike at Damn the Matrix. Mike ‘gets’ it; one of the few people who do. Now, I love my solar panels, I really do (installed two years ago, haven’t paid an electricity bill yet and still in credit), but I know they won’t be the way of the future. At best they’ll help us transition from our energy-gorging years on fossil fuels to a lower energy future, but they still need energy from fossil fuels to manufacture and install and they still need resources which are declining globally. As one of the commenters explains, it is our lifestyles that are unsustainable and that’s what has to change. There’s no way an ever-expanding population can continue with its present way of life without fossil fuels. Those who think renewables are the way to go are in for a helluva shock.



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