The Great Dumbing Time

I’m in complete accord with the writer of the sentiments expressed in the image in this reblog from Not Something Else. It boggles my mind that, with all the world’s knowledge available at the click of a mouse, people seem to be getting dumber and dumber.

The internet won’t be with us in the oil-depleting future ahead of us. While we’re lucky enough to have it, we should be learning as much as we can about self-sufficient living, not mindless facebooking and twittering.

Not Something Else


Image credit: The Don Freeman FaceBook post

I don’t really care who I offend by agreeing with the message in this image.  It is a sad thing to agree with but it is generally true, and it is not limited to the new generation who depend on the internet to give them some sort of, any kind of, self-definition, reason for being, or status.

The internet, along with its spawned brat – social media, will prove to be very temporary phenomena.  Temporary, because they are dependent on a viable resource-based consumer economy for their existence, and we soon will not have one of those on which to base anything else either.  These technological wonders, or toys, have only a short time left to continue to provide entertainment and mental benumbing for the masses.  When that time comes, a great percentage of the population will die of boredom, if nothing…

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