The Art of Yielding

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Pray for Calamity

The ache in my left arm seems to travel up a nerve towards my shoulder. I wince as I stretch the arm up and then rotate it in an arc. Every Friday night I attend a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, and last week during open rolling – which, to the uninitiated, is essentially grappling with a partner – I was thrown to the mat by a zealous fellow student, and crashing onto my left arm I immediately felt the shock of pain that now lingers there in my bicep. At the time I was bit angry, as the amount of strength my opponent applied was a bit excessive for such a drill, but thinking about it now perhaps that is foolish of me. It is a fight exercise after all. Myself, I am always slow to apply great strength in any drill, as I am fairly frightened of hurting someone…

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  1. kayepea Says:

    Oh dear Bev, you nearly got me there….I thought for a mo’ that YOU had taken up ju jitsu….and then I ”clicked to see the rest” of the post and noticed it was a feed from another site! Whew!! Nearly thought you’d gone slightly mad! 🙂

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