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Goodbyes are hard……

August 15, 2016

…..but this is one I have to make. I’ve decided to cease writing this blog. It’s been going for almost nine years now and I think I’ve said all I want to say and I’m finding it hard to come up with new posts which aren’t just repeats of what I’ve already written. And seriously, I doubt whether it’s doing any good to encourage self-sufficiency amongst people who are aren’t already into it. I’m just preaching to the converted and those who don’t think self-sufficiency is important won’t be reading this stuff anyway.

Thank you all all my readers and those who’ve made regular comments; they’ve all been much appreciated. I will still read all your own self-sufficiency blogs and comment there, so we can keep in touch.

I won’t take the blog down but will leave it here for as long as WordPress allows it to be here. I’ll probably need to refer back to some of the information myself.  🙂

Enjoy your gardens and the healthy food they give you.