Backyard Buddies

I was researching something for an upcoming post when I discovered a fantastic website called Backyard Buddies.

It’s an Australian site (sorry, overseas readers) and it’s all about the critters you can find in a typical Aussie garden, including insects, birds, mammals, frogs, reptiles and plants. There’s information about creating habitats for them and a list of wildlife care organisations in each State, should you need to help a Buddy in trouble. I’ve signed up to receive their regular monthly newsletter and will follow them on Facebook (they’re also on Twitter and Instagram).

Backyard Buddies is a free education program run by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

The article I’ve copied and pasted below is from the site. Go take a look. It’s great!


Leafhopper Photo John Tann

Hip Hippity Hoppity Leafhoppers

There’s a spot of yellowy-green, brown or red on your plants and it’s jumping from place to place? Or every time you come to take a closer look it quickly scuttles around to the other side of the leaf?

It could be a leafhopper! They love to bite through leaves, stems and bits of tree trunk to suck up the delicious and nutritious plant sap. Leafhoppers particularly love Eucalyptus trees.

Read more: Leafhoppers


3 Responses to “Backyard Buddies”

  1. Sherri Says:

    That is a great site. I wish I had known of it when I was doing my permaculture studies. Thanks for the link.


  2. Chris Says:

    Sweet. I’ll use that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. narf7 Says:

    Excellent site Bev. Cheers for sharing. We just found a stack of tadpoles in one of our intended fridge wickers. We will let them “hop it” before we use this one 😉


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