Aussie Backyard Bird Count

I took part this year for the first time and will do it again next year. This is the email I received from them :


More than 61,000 people participated this year, submitting over 45,000 checklists and counting 1.4 million birds!

The Top 10 most counted bird species in Australia remained unchanged for the third year running, with the Rainbow Lorikeet once again claiming the number one spot. Even though scientists recently separated the NT Rainbow Lorikeet into a different species – the Red-collared Lorikeet – the Rainbow Lorikeet was still number one by a wide margin.

While the Top 10 species remained the same there was a bit of movement in the order, with House Sparrows dropping two places, reflecting the current worldwide trend of sparrows disappearing from urban areas. Is this the beginning of the decline of Australia’s House Sparrows? This will be one to watch in next year’s count.

To see the full results or to download the species list for Australia or your state click here. A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in the #AussieBirdCount. It will be back again next year, from 23-29 October, we hope to have you on board and counting again!



7 Responses to “Aussie Backyard Bird Count”

  1. narf7 Says:

    Hi Bev, could you let me know when it’s time to sign up for counting as I would love to take part in next years event. Now I just have to look up the actual genome of my “cheese bastard” don’t I?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      The date is at the bottom of the picture….23-29 October 2017. Will send you an email at the time if the memory’s still working.

      Er… ‘cheese bastard’? Bit early in the morning for my brain! Explain?

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      • narf7 Says:

        Cheers for that Bev. The “Cheese Bastard” is my moniker for a small bird. I have another bird that I call the “Cheese Sparrow” as it looks a bit like a house sparrow (bulky head etc.) but is obviously not a sparrow and is a native bird that comes to pilfer cheese from my windowsill. The Cheese Bastard is a bird that looks a bit like a tall wren with long legs but is a bit like a sparrow as well. It’s not a cheese sparrow and it is bolshie and yells at everything else that wants a bit of cheese. It appears to have no fear and will sit there arcing up at birds that are MUCH bigger than it and it shovels the cheese cubes off the window ledge to the deck floor below so that it can collect it all and take it away thus the moniker. I have a lot of strange looking native birds here that I see and it would be nice to identify them officially as I doubt that the counting group would be able to quantify “Cheese Bastard” on my “others” inclusion πŸ˜‰

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        • foodnstuff Says:

          If you can put photos of the birds on your blog I can maybe identify them for you. I do seem to remember one of a bird that you were feeding cheese to on the windowsill. Would you know which blogpost it was in?

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  2. Jane Says:

    Maybe it’s the bird that comes to her window for cheese


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Ah! You may be right! It’s the word, ‘genome’ that threw me. That’s, “the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism”. We shall await a reply with bated breath πŸ˜‰


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