Three short videos

I’m sure you all know this stuff by now, but if not, here’s three short animated videos from the Post Carbon Institute and Richard Heinberg :




2 Responses to “Three short videos”

  1. narf7 Says:

    Lots of pause for thought there Bev. I wonder if people actually understand that economic growth is only part of the cycle? Every model has a start, a period of growth and then it naturally slows and eventually “dies”. The need to constantly sustain growth at all costs is what has brought us to the content of these 3 videos.

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  2. Chris Says:

    I liked the quote in the second film. “Say goodbye to oil.” It’s a personal request, instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen. As the rest of the quote goes “…because oil is saying goodbye to us.”

    We will be parting ways, it’s just a question of how.

    Yet here I am, typing these thoughts into a fibre-optic network, which consumes way more energy than anything else. It’s ironic that to get the message about the limits to growth, out, we have to all get on the expanding fibre-optic network. The irony is not lost on me. I do attempt to limit my use of the internet, and look for real life connections in the community instead.

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