For bird lovers….

….. a selection of the ABC’s best bird pics of the week to scroll through.

And here’s my personal favourite, a King Parrot, who visits regularly for a meal of sunflower seeds.


5 Responses to “For bird lovers….”

  1. sheila7grace Says:

    Hello! Fellow AD reader – just saw your comment ‘I write a food-growing/energy decline blog’ and followed your foodnstuff link. Great blog, great work, great pics; I’ll be sure to point my readers your way. We live in eastern WA in semi-arid shrub steppe climate and both have our PDC’s from Geoff, in fact Will is helping admin on the 2017 course right now. Happy New Year, keep getting the ideas out there and take care,


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Sheila, great to hear from you and that you are a fan of JMG. I just checked back to see if he had replied to my comment and found your comment there as well. You mentioned Meyers-Briggs. Are you interested in that stuff? I’m an INTJ. Not many of us around 😦

      Followed your name link to your website, have bookmarked it and will enjoy looking through it. I did my PDC with Cam Wilson in 2009 and would love to do one with Geoff. I bought the full CD set of him and Bill doing the course at Melb. Uni. some years ago and will have to be content with that.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      And of course! Have just realised that WA isn’t Western Australia, but Washington.


  2. fergie51 Says:

    Love the native birds popping in! Unfortunately we have hoards of cockies taking up residence in our huge pin oak and english oak and they are munching away on all the young branch tips leaving so much ‘crap’ around it is worse than when the trees lose their leaves. I take heart that we are about the only refuge they can find in town. Sigh……..King parrots are beautiful and I’m sure ours know us and followed us from the last place that was 2 streets away. Have you plugged in that oven yet?

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    • foodnstuff Says:

      The lorikeets do the same on one of my apricots…..chew off all the branch tips and shred the leaves. Wish they could talk and tell me why. No, haven’t tried the oven yet. Too hot in the house at the moment for cooking. Rest assured you’ll know when I do

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