Forget 1984…. 2020 is the apocalypse year

The crescendo of news pointing to 2020 as the date to watch is growing apace…. it won’t be the year collapse happens, because collapse is a process, not an event; but it will definitely…

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall as it unfolds…


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  1. Gardener Says:

    Hey foodnstuff, I really like your blog but I feel you’re going overboard with the posts about global collapse. I subscribed to you for the homestead, nothing else. I’m sure many of your readers are also interested in global issues but I suggest you find a balance that suits the majority of your readers. I’m fairly certain most of your readers are interested in the “food” part of “foodnstuff.”



    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Gardener,

      Wow! I’m sorry. I thought I was doing this blog and that I could write about anything I wanted. Silly me!

      OK, let’s be serious. The blog’s byline is “energy decline and self-sufficiency…..” so I figure that means I can do posts about both those things. If I counted through the posts over the last umpteen years, I think I’d find the vast majority are about self-sufficiency and growing food and not about energy. But looking at what people around me are doing and saying, it seems obvious that very few of them understand the consequences of a world without oil or that renewables won’t allow us to continue with the sort of society we have now. So when I see a good post explaining that, I’ll reblog it. See, I have no idea what people who read this blog know or don’t know, so I put this stuff in sometimes, in the hope that I might be helping people who don’t know to wake up a bit. I figure that if they understand all this stuff already, they’ll just click away and go somewhere else. Only takes a second and you can do that too.


  2. Maria Says:

    Darn! My AMP policy that I took out in 1983 finally matures in 2020. Seriously though, things don’t look too flash at all in the world do they? Whether it be political, social or economic…or even geographical/geological!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Maria, no things aren’t looking too good. All I’d recommend is to be aware of what the changes might involve as we transition to a lower energy way of life and prepare for them. Growing your own food is the best way to start; putting in a water tank might be a good choice, too and whatever else you can afford. Becoming used to using less energy (living ‘off the smell of an oily rag’, as it were). If you don’t need/use it and it goes away, you won’t miss it.


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