Not “Living The Lie”

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I was inspired today by a shared post on Facebook, recommending the video you will find below.  Inspired enough to reshare it and also to make this declaration.  I hope that any and all readers may…

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  1. Chris Says:

    Interesting clip. Perhaps it’s aimed more at millennials, who don’t already know this stuff? I’ve known about it and pondered for at least a decade, how to move away from the system and create a life we can enjoy.

    We haven’t moved away from the system, although we’ve done lots of things to reduce how much we take through it. I consider that a success, but I still haven’t been able to completely separate from the system. I think it takes more community involvement, than people prepared to serve the system. Which at this point in our population, can we feed and keep people alive, without the system?

    Interesting questions to ponder and experiment with, nonetheless.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      It’s very hard to walk away from the system….not many would be able to manage it and as you say, it needs a community and that needs more than just a few to create. Plus everyone in the community has to want to walk away and there will be degrees of how much of the system people want to keep. People need jobs and money and shelter. Providing our own food, water and some form of energy is very doable while still being attached to the system. It will be a slow process, as the system gradually dissolves around us. I’m thinking less in terms of collapse and more in terms of transition now and what I can do to facilitate it for myself.

      I have no idea how many of the people who read this blog know about this stuff, that’s why I post it or reblog what others have written (even though I was taken to task by a recent commenter for doing it. LOL!)


      • Chris Says:

        Yep, transition is the way to go. As many people as we can encourage at the same time, is beneficial. Because then we get that community creep, heading in the right direction. We do need those numbers, to get the momentum we need to shift.

        So the video clip is good at pointing people on that path. I guess I was just a little surprised it didn’t go further, with some solutions. Still a nice video though. 🙂


  2. Specks Says:

    Bev, I very recently discovered your blog and have now worked my way through your archives. I just want to let you know how much your writings have affected me. I feel inspired to do better on my own small bit of land and will be pinching some of your ideas (strawberries in buckets, here I come). I have also benefitted from the insights you have given me into peak oil and other issues. I saw that you took a mini break and can certainly appreciate how a bit of down time may be benefical. However, I hope you are out there to educate and inspire us for a long time to come. Best wishes, Specks.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Specks, well, you certainly deserve a medal for reading through the archives and thanks for the kind comments. Good to have you on board. Yes, I can really recommend the strawberry wicking buckets….I’m picking a handful every day from them at the moment.

      Even if we weren’t going to have a peak oil problem, it makes good sense to provide some of your own food, even if just for the health reasons alone. It’s amazing how much can actually be grown on a small suburban block, once you realise that a lawn isn’t a necessity.


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