There seems to be an overwhelming consensus (amongst those who accept the reality of climate change anyway), that the world needs to move towards energy sources which are renewable and non-polluting (CO2 is a pollutant, in case you weren’t aware).

Although I haven’t seen it expressly stated*, the implied meaning in all of the discussion is that we need to keep the present energy-hungry, human-centered world running as usual (what is usually abbreviated to BAU, or ‘business as usual’).

Will another source of energy change the way we see the natural world and our relationship to it? Will it mean we won’t continue to destroy the forests and pave over the soil, destroying all the life under it? Will it mean we’ll attempt to control our burgeoning numbers? Will it mean we’ll cease our present behaviour which is causing the extinction of other species at thousands of times the background rate?

No, it won’t mean any of that, because that’s not what BAU means. It means going on as we are. It means continuing to act as though the world belongs to us. It means continuing to do as we’re doing until ecological collapse eventually kicks in and kills most of us off.

David Attenborough has gone on record as saying that humans are now a plague on earth. Nature’s ways of controlling plagues are not pleasant. I don’t want to live in such a future. I don’t want BAU and I don’t want us to find another source of energy that makes it possible.


*it doesn’t need to be expressly stated. It is there, humming away in the background, in the myths we tell ourselves. It is our present culture—a culture that has been called the ‘Culture of Maximum Harm‘ and the ‘Culture of Make Believe‘.


3 Responses to “BAU”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Nicely stated. Business As Usual – a cultural myth, a temporary illusion. It is only make believe.

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  2. narf7 Says:

    An entire culture of consumerism was born last century and Freud’s nephew has most of the blame fair and squarely on his shoulders for that opus. We opted into the need for “MORE!” incredibly easily and it takes time to opt out as we are so conditioned to buying ALL of the stuff that we no longer know how to opt out. I read a really excellent blog post yesterday by a friend who lives in Launceston. She downsized from her large house, moved to a small house, stopped consuming ad hoc and is doing her level best to minimise her carbon footprint every way that she can. She eloquently emoted how her life
    has changed and how sometimes she longs for that old life where she didn’t have to think about anything, everything was easy and quick and most things were available at point of sale with little more than a hand over of a credit card. We have exhausted our credit on the earth and like rats, we are going to start seeing what happens when a species ruins it’s habitat. I am just really glad that none of my kids have decided to procreate 😦


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