Birds & water

A quiet Sunday afternoon on duty at the bird hide at Edithvale-Seaford wetlands.

The entrance :

Upstairs viewing area :

All that lovely water :

And birds :

This little fella (a baby Chestnut Teal) strayed from Mum & Dad. A Purple Swamphen bore down on him. I was told it would attack and kill him. We held our breath. Mum intervened and all was well :

(My little camera does close-ups but not all that close)


3 Responses to “Birds & water”

  1. Specks Says:

    Phew 😊

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  2. Chris Says:

    Now that it’s spring and the rain has arrived, all the spring chicks are out and about. So cute to see the water variety. I love seeing the wood duck broods here. But unfortunately people don’t keep their beloved domestic dogs in, so mama and papa are lucky to have any survive. 😦

    So it was great hearing your little chick got back safe.

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  3. narf7 Says:

    I love bird watching Bev. How lucky you are to have somewhere like this to watch from 🙂

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