The inevitable result……….

………of a rainy night with high winds :

I hope there wasn’t anyone at home. I couldn’t find any bodies :


10 Responses to “The inevitable result……….”

  1. kayepea Says:

    Oh no! Was anyone using it do you know Bev? On the bright side – more firewood though! šŸ™‚


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I don’t think it was being used; there were plenty of cobwebs on the inside. I’ll have to ask a neighbour to deal with the trunk and I’ll give him the wood, but I’ll get the small stuff.


  2. Jane Says:

    Ooh! Was it a home for possums or birds? Iā€™m glad there were no bodies. I hope the box was ok and that you manage to get it put up again.


  3. Specks Says:

    A timely post for me Bev as I’ve been thinking about making a bird home. Do you have any suggestions re height from the ground? Will you be fixing the fallen one to another tree?
    Regards, Specks.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Specks, I don’t know if there are recommended heights from the ground for nest boxes; maybe try Google. I don’t think I will be putting it anywhere else, my ladder-climbing days are over. I may donate it to a local wildlife carer who lives near me. It’s still in good condition.


  4. Chris Says:

    I see some kind of infrastructure, in the background of the last picture. So glad the tree, fell in the right direction! I’m always nervous about trees falling, where they could do damage to infrastructure.

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    • foodnstuff Says:

      Yes, that’s the second chook coop I built to house the 3 newbies (who are now 3 years old). The tree wouldn’t have hit it even if it had fallen that way, because there were 2 other trees in the way. Still, trees demolishing infrastructure is always a worry. Squashed plants will always grow back somehow.


      • Chris Says:

        Squashed plants, yes, not squashed animals though. So glad your chookies were safe, either way. David dropped a large tree on our A-frame chicken tractor, once. The guinea pigs in it, at the time, survived. A-frames are tough! šŸ˜‰

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  5. fergie51 Says:

    Glad the human house wasn’t in the same boat!

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