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9 Responses to “THE END OF SUPERGIANTS: And What It Means”

  1. The End Of… Well, Quite A Lot Of Things, Really | Not Something Else Says:

    […] ways of living and doing business, quoted from this piece (for which I thank Bev Courtney of the ‘Foodnstuff’ blog for bringing to my […]


  2. Chris@gullygrove Says:

    While I see the logic in the argument presented, it’s a mindset I deliberately choose not to buy into. For without oil, I won’t get insulin to live. It’s all shipped from the US, along with my associated medical equipment. I’d be part of the first wave of casualties. So in context to the article (if it’s correct) I can expect to expire in the next decade, or so.

    I can plant a food forest, but unfortunately, I can’t make insulin, lol. Life sucks like that. But what can you do? Take each day that comes, and do the best you can with it. 😉 🙂

    I’ve wanted to take part in the comments, on your new blog direction. But knew I am the canary in the mine. So while I agree the logical arguments (re: decline) make sense, I still must be an optimist, overall. Does that make sense?


    • Bev Says:

      Exactly! Take each day as it comes and do the best you can with it. The future is unknown anyway. We can make predictions and sometimes they might be pretty close to the mark, but still, there are plenty of unknowns.

      I’m in the same boat with medication…..I just try to keep plenty of what I need in stock, and hope any problems won’t be too long-term.

      Optimism makes sense; we couldn’t function without it. I think I would describe myself as an optimistic pessimist. 😊

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  3. Chris@gullygrove Says:

    PS: being an optimist, doesn’t mean continuing the joyride of oil depletion, without any thought for the future. The more I don’t waste, maybe the longer I can have insulin supply for?


    • Bev Says:

      I find it’s a challenge to try and live without the ‘luxuries’ of an oil-dependent life. People have lived longer without fossil fuels than they have with them, and by all accounts life was happier, healthier and more fulfilling. I try to keep that in mind.

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      • Bev Says:

        But I do recognise your problem with live-giving medication. There will be many in the same boat. I could function without mine but it would be a lot less easy than with it.

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      • Chris@gullygrove Says:

        I do believe, life was a lot simpler before oil was discovered. Each era, had it’s own problems of course – but none more destructive, than mankind living without a purpose. As hard as the old days must have been, it was the simple endeavour to work, eat and sleep.


        • foodnstuff Says:

          Those days will return and people will hate it. But eventually the days of computers and mobile phones and similar stuff will be just a memory. You and I won’t be here then 🙂


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