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November 13, 2015

Redcurrants are so easy to grow from seed. My first plants were grown from seed given to me and since then, I’ve been growing them from seed collected from my existing plants.

You don’t get much bang for your buck growing redcurrants, by which I mean yields are small and if you haven’t got the room, there are other, more productive berries to grow. I grow them because I’ve got the room and the bushes seem pretty hardy.

The flowers are tiny; I have no idea what pollinates them; maybe they’re self-fertile. The berries grow in pendulous little clusters called sprigs :


They ripen unevenly :


Eventually the whole sprig is ripe :


Surprisingly, the birds have never shown any interest in these bright little fruits. Most of my plants are planted in the grey water line beside the main path. As I’m passing, I pick off the ripe ones and eat them then and there. They rarely make it into the kitchen.

I read that the whole sprig should be picked at once, taking care not to damage the point of the branch from which it grows. Apparently, new sprigs grow from the same point every year and if that point is damaged no fruit will appear there next year. Or ever, maybe. And when I pull off single ripe ones, sometimes the whole sprig comes too. And there are birds and there are birds. One year I’m going to find some inquisitive bird will take an interest. So I’d like to be able to pick whole sprigs when at least some of them are ripe. Will the unripe ones ripen inside?

I Googled, but couldn’t find an answer. So I picked (read carefully snipped off with scissors) a whole lot of sprigs, with ripe and unripe berries and put them on the kitchen bench. A couple of days later and they’d all ripened. So that’s all right then :