Fallout From The Crash. Who Benefits?

Another great post from Not Something Else.

I’m not alone in wanting this crash to be the Crash That Ends All Crashes.

Not Something Else

The next financial crash is coming.  Of that I am certain.  Whether that is a standalone event or is forced, cajoled, driven or influenced by other external factors taking place at the same time, is up for question.  Of course, the timing of such an event is also up for grabs.  I would love for it to happen this year and have factored that into the somewhat obscure darkness that I have predicted to be a feature of 2016.

A Guardian article (which was the inspiration for this post) talks about these things and fusses about whether, when a massive crash occurs, the fallout will favour either the left or the right.

Why are we so caught up in the absurd drama of any part of the spectrum of politics. It is not as though politics has proven to be of any benefit or advantage to anyone other than those…

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3 Responses to “Fallout From The Crash. Who Benefits?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Regrettably – greedy, stupid, power hungry people, don’t just disappear in the absence of of monetary system, the world currently agrees upon. I suppose that’s why they’re talking about whether the left or right side of politics, would be more beneficial, in such an environment.

    Who will better be able to lead the masses back to a semblance of occupation, and who will start flogging people to death quicker, in the name of greedy, stupid, power hungry people again?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      If we would only stop referring to ‘them’ as ‘our leaders’ and refer to them as the ‘people in power over us’, we might be able to see that we don’t need them, nor have ever needed them and then we’ll be able to take more control over our lives and have more autonomy and bear the responsibility for our own lives and actions.

      It’s a dream, I know and I wonder if it’s at all possible with 7 billion of us. Smaller populations work better and don’t need leaders who tell them what to do, simply leaders who inspire, but don’t wield power and there is no shortage of those.

      When we vote for a political party, we’re just voting for the system to continue. I want a different system, which is why I don’t vote.


      • Chris Says:

        I used to feel that way about voting too, until my husband took many years to patiently explain the benefits of participating in democracy. Although he may regret that action since, as I have voted against this favoured party, more often than not. 😉


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