No One Gets Out Alive

Another excellent post from xraymike79 at Collapse of Industrial Civilisation blog.

So many people have no idea what’s ahead.

So many stupid, ignorant people in the world, actively facilitating this collapse.

The mind boggles.

Collapse of Industrial Civilization


As China’s appetite for resources wanes with the bursting of its real estate bubble and America’s shale oil boom fueled by easy credit comes to an end, floundering petrostates are beginning to queue up for bail-outs. Financialization appears to have exacerbated the collapse in oil prices. Of course none of this capitalist boom-bust cycle negates the fundamentals of peak oil; prices will swing upwards again in a few years as marginal producers get weeded out. After all, the world still consumes nearly three million gallons of oil per minute, and only a relatively thin margin separates surplus from a shortage. Most of our energy usage does not involve electricity which is what alternative energies like wind and solar produce. Electricity comprises just 18% of the total global energy consumption of which alternatives make up a tiny sliver. 250 new human beings are added to the planet every minute; each born into a world of depleting resources and mounting pollution; each scrambling…

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2 Responses to “No One Gets Out Alive”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Excellent post. I think I have quoted or shared from this blog myself in the past. I don’t ‘follow’ it, because, well, there just isn’t time to read everything from everywhere. I just rely on being informed somehow when I need to be. Like now.

    The main thing I take from this post is “We cannot possibly rely on a system that profits from the very disaster it has helped to create, yet that is the dead-end feedback loop we are locked into”.

    ‘Locked into’ is spot on. No way out, despite the elusive exit path that many hopefuls continue to try to find or believe that they have found.

    Basically, what that excellent video in the post says, is absolutely true: ‘Civilisation is not redeemable’. I would further say that nor is it ‘killable’ or ‘stoppable’, until it is killed off or stopped either as a result of it’s own pursuits or by external factors beyond our control.

    So, like it or not, we are already strapped in for the ride and all we can do is try to cushion ourselves for the eventual crunch, whatever good that will do.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Ha! Great minds! Just before closing down the computer for the evening, I took one last look to see if there had been any comments to the post. As I clicked on ‘1 comment’, I said to myself, “this will be Bernie”. Sure enough. 😉

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