Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part I: Net-zero Emissions

via Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part I: Net-zero Emissions

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2 Responses to “Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part I: Net-zero Emissions”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Yes, it is the age-old problem for people movements in that get three or more people together on a cause, any cause, and they won’t be able to agree on basic matters of principle. And as soon as such movements grow big enough to actually do something, they get bogged down in details of exactly what to do.

    XR, which has achieved phenomenal growth in a short time, indicating that there is a mood for change (of sorts), or arising out of growing fear of what might happen, is no exception to that.

    I have had a look at what their action groups are doing in Australia and it simply amounts to persuading or advising local councils to make appropriate decisions of one sort or another. That is not going to achieve anything, being virtually the same as the Transition Network – work within the current system for hoped for change, with the addition that the more volatile elements of the XR number seeing getting themselves arrested as often as possible – to no great effect – as some sort of badge of honour).

    Working within or with the system is not the answer. And I think the only alternative to that – fight the system, weaken the system and overthrow the system – is not within the minds of XR followers. XR does not even have the energy of the Hong Kong uprising, and even that – with China playing the long game (which is within the perview of any authority) – will peter out eventually.

    Better to take the “we’re all doomed no matter what we do or don’t do” attitude. The juggernaut of modern society is too big and ugly to stop or even alter its own course, or to reset itself voluntarily. It will be brought to an end though, quite involuntarily.

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    • foodnstuff Says:

      Rebelling against extinction is pointless, because it’s a process that’s out of our control. You might as well rebel against the rain.


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