Australian Finger Lime

A recent post by Kathy at My Productive Backyard dealt with culinary use of the Australian Finger Lime. I decided I had to try and grow one.

I rang the local nursery where I usually buy my fruit trees. “Nah”, he said, “don’t often have ’em….try again in spring.” Bother.

I had to call into Bunnings to get potting mix. They won’t have even heard of it, I decided.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “some came in on Wednesday.” I choked.

Beautiful little plants. I was rapt, especially in the tiny leaves :



I need to do some homework about where to put it….garden or large pot? Kathy has a post here on growing it. We don’t get frosts here and the deck would be an ideal spot in winter (in a pot) but far too hot in summer. Shifting it wouldn’t be easy (down the steps?…no way).

Anyway….I have it and it looks really healthy. Plenty of time to do some homework and it can stay on the deck in its present pot, enjoying the winter sun until I find it a permanent home.

Thanks, Kathy.


9 Responses to “Australian Finger Lime”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    That does look nice. I think I can find space for one of those myself. I have to go down to Bunnings soon for some sturdy garden posts to hold up a 90cm high shadecloth windbreak I plan to install, since the back of my garden is somewhat exposed along the fenceline.


  2. fergie51 Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I too have been seeking one of these for a long time so I will check out the big green shed 🙂


  3. narf7 Says:

    They are pretty hardy things. A possum sucked most of the leaves from mine (despite the thorns) and it still survived (once I moved it to the deck to recuperate). It had heaps of flowers on it but got water stressed over our long, hot and very dry summer so no fruit yet but I bought mine from Bunnings as well. We will have to see how they go now. What about putting it in a wicking pot? They don’t grow big as a rule and that should work well to keep water up to it?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I did think of a wicking pot, but read that they don’t like to be too wet over winter. I think just a large tub will be OK. I will be really looking after it, esp at that price ($49 !!).

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  4. kmfinigan Says:

    Thank you so much for the rave review, and so glad I was able to inspire you to get your own growing! They are just delicious, I was making great food with my finger limes all weekend so I hope you get as much joy out of yours as I do mine!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      No worries. Your site is such a mine of information. I hope you get some more followers. The more we can educate people about growing their own food, the better for us and the planet.


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